The power of autism

A positive vision of autism, in which the foundation of the autistic constitution is central and is used to overcome difficulties in an A-typical way.

Welcome in the world of


Where we don't see people with autism as people with a disease or disorder, but as beings with a special constitution and qualities to do special things with.

And yes... they also have some specific obstacles to face in a society that seems unworldly to them. But which, with some insight and practice, can be lived in a different way, which will make it fun here. Because if you are here on earth, you obviously wanted to be here...

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Originated from experience (as an autistic person, as the daughter of an autistic father and as a mother of autistic children)
with a positive touch and psychotherapeutic and nondual background

Autism Questionaire

Are you in doubt if you have autism as well? Take this test and you'll get an idea of it.

our vision in writing

Divided into three fundamental pillars: FEELING (hyper-sensitivity), BEING (lack of I-reference) and THINKING (thinking in terms of natural-laws)


Every month there is an online live teaching with Vera, after which you can ask in-depth and personal questions.

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about the teachings

"Finally someone who gets it!"


about the power of autism

"It's a really good book. One of the best I know about autism. Very clear for me and people with autism to understand. Finally."

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about the teachings

"It's so nice to be able to ask questions, to be understood, to get tools to move on. The best therapy I've ever had :-)!!!"

most recent posts

Expert blog by Vera Helleman, thought leader, writer, trainer and coach.
Diagnosed with autism, daughter of father with autism and mother of three autistic and highly gifted children.

Vera Reflects #22: HSP, autism and physical sensitivity

By Vera Helleman | 8 March 2023

  In this episode Vera addresses the physical sensitivity to autism and HSP. She explains why it occurs and what you can do to deal with it.

Tedx Talk – February 2020

By Vera Helleman | 8 March 2023

 In her TEDxBreda Talk Vera speaks about a more positive understanding of autism. She believes that many autistic people unnecessary suffer from the believe there is something wrong with them. And so many people around them are in despair of their incomprehension about it. Yet it is so simple. Vera feels the urge to …

Tedx Talk – February 2020 Read More »

Autism and the lack of an I-reference point

By Vera Helleman | 8 March 2023

When I get on stage I consciously take time to really connect with the people in the room. That helps me to come up with words that are aligned with everyone in the room. It also helps me to establish myself in the new atmosphere. I need this because of my hypersensitivity. I believe you …

Autism and the lack of an I-reference point Read More »

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