Autism teachings

Vera Helleman, author of 'the power of autism', founder of the Autisme.Coach and EmotionCoach method, discusses topics and life questions in the context of autism and the three fundamental pillars during these lessons; hypersensitivity, the lack of I-reference and natural law thinking. Many auti anecdotes also pass by from her own life.

The lessons together form an ongoing course and are primarily intended for people with autism. But parents of children with autism, partners of people with autism and counselors / therapists of people with autism are also welcome. Anyone with a heart for autism who wants to learn more about this special group of people.

Positivity and insight are the focus

Because do you understand yourself, that is the first step to a happy life! And yes, that is really possible with autism. Vera is the living example and will give you a box of tricks full of tips on how to live your life in an auti-way.

"Finally someone who gets it"

How does it work?

  • Below you can see live scheduled and pre-recorded classes.
  • The growing number of lessons form a continuous course.
  • Classes take place once a month on Fridays at 12:00 PM CET
  • You can ask in-depth and personal questions after the lesson via the chat below the video.
  • The costs are based on donation (you can decide for yourself what it is worth to you).
  • Sign up for one or more lessons and access them in your account.

upcoming online webinars

1.3 Escape your thinking mind


Autistic people think a lot.. sometime too much. It is extremely difficult to quit your mind yet learning this could be a life saver. Negative thoughts spinning around in your head make you crazy sometimes. In this webinar I’ll teach you the why and how of conquering your mind. Afterward there is room for personal questions.

You can attend live or watch a replay.

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1.2 Who am I?


The lack of I-reference makes it difficult to actually differentiate an I. It gives challenges with finding a self-image and therefore with self-confidence. Yet there is a way to get connected to yourself. I’ll teach you during this webinar. Afterwards there is room for in-depth or personal questions.

You can attend this lesson live and/or enroll it afterwards. You will find access to it in your account.

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1.1 Overstimulation


One of the most difficult things about autism is learning to deal with overstimulation. One is sensitive to sound, the other to light, a third to atmospheres and moods. Vera explains why this is and what you can do about it.

You can attend this lesson live and/or enroll it afterwards. You will find access to it in your account.

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Why do I have autism?


In this episode we will discuss the why of being born with autism in a positive and helpful way. Everything comes for a reason and we will figure out the reason of autism. Vera will start with an introduction and after that you can ask her deeping or personal questions. Afterwards you will find a recording in your account.

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