Do you have an autistic constitution?

This autism questionnaire for adults has been developed based on the book 'The power of autism'. It is not an official diagnostic list, but gives you an indication of a possible autistic nature. It provides an indication that fits the explanatory model presented in this book. For an official diagnosis, however, I refer you to your doctor.

NB! The height of the score is not an indication of the 'severity' of autism or the degree of functioning/dysfunctioning. It gives an indication of how strong the autistic constitution is. My intention is to give you insight into and acceptance of yourself, so that you will be uniquely you.

People sometimes say: “Everyone has something autistic”. That may be true if you look purely at behavior, but if you look at the autistic constitution then you are either autistic or you are not. In other words, you are human type 1.0 or you are human type 1.1. There is, however, gradation in the degree to which a 'disturbance' has occurred and many differences in intelligence, character, upbringing, interests, successes and failures, and also in comorbidity.

This autism questionnaire identifies whether you have an autistic constitution. As an autistic person, you will therefore be able to tick most questions with 'yes' without thinking. People with characteristics similar to autism will be able to answer the questions based on trauma-related issues or, for example, strong convictions from upbringing. Although you can recognize a number of things and have received tools in this book, it is advisable to follow a more personal research path.
The questions are designed to test your inner experience, not to examine your coping behavior. That is why it is good to keep in mind how you dealt with this as a child when filling it in. Autism is innate, so someone with an autistic constitution may have learned to deal with it, but recognizes the issues as dilemmas that have been there throughout life.

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